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bromley dog boarding, dog walking, cat sitting, pet care

Part of the GB Pet Sitters Franchise


Bromley dog walking

Bromley Dog Walking Services

Bromley Dog Walking - 45 minutes - £9.00

Bromley Dog Walking - 1 hour - £12.00

Bromley Dog Walking - 30 minutes - £7.00


Areas Covered: Bromley, Keston, Elmers End, Upper Elmers End, West Wickham, Beckenham, Bromley Common, Shirley, Coney Hall and Hayes.


If your area is not listed, please feel free to call us on 07388047700 to see if we could accommodate you and your pet.



We provide a Bromley dog walking service, occasional or regular.  We spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours per visit with the dog/s and can customise this to the needs of the dog/s.  This could include:

A trip to the local park or field

Disposing of your dogs litter appropriately

Feeding and topping up water

Administering medicines, as supplied by your veterinarian

Providing companionship and stimulation

Socialisation with other dogs (if appropriate)

Your dog will not be let off the lead unless the handler is 100% sure that the dog will return, ensuring complete safety


If you work long or unusual hours, travel on holiday or find it difficult to walk your dog because of illness or injury we can help .  As we are a full-time business we can offer flexibility and can often attend at short notice, should the circumstance arise. There are no cancellation charges, simply use us when you need us. Our dog walking service is operational Monday-Friday, however, we also offer Saturday and Sunday walking on request.


Our Bromley dog walking service covers a diverse range of breeds, everything from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane.  We will never shy away from working with a demanding dog, those perhaps with behavioural problems such as pulling.  We also have experience of working with dogs who display separation anxiety and will gladly work alongside the owners to help alleviate the problem.  We are able to offer basic advice regarding training, health and nutrition.


We charge solely based on the amount of time we spend with the dog/s, with no extra charges for petrol expenses.  Our Bromley dog walkers are fully insured through the GB Pet Sitters franchise.

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